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Stepper motor Types by construction

Learn Stepper motor Types by construction.

There are 3 types of stepper motor.

  1. Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor: This motor has a permanent magnet rotor. It is driven by the stators windings. The magnet creates opposite polarity poles compared to the poles of the rotor which propels the rotor.
  2. Variable Reluctant Stepper Motor: It uses a non-magnetic soft iron rotor. The rotor has teeth that are offset from the stator. When the windings are active, the rotor moves respectively so that it has a minimum gap between the stator and the teeth of the rotor.
  3. Hybrid Synchronous Motor: It is combination of the previous two stepper motors. It has a permanent magnet toothed rotor and also a tooted stator. And the rotor has two sections, opposite in polarity. It has 8 poles on the stator that are activated by two windings. If we activate the first winding, we will magnetize 4 poles of which two of them will have South polarity and two of them will be North polarity.