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Sound Card and its Features

Sound card is an integrated circuit to provide a computer with the ability to produce sounds. And sounds can be heard by the user either over speaker or headphones. It is an internal computer expansion card to facilitate the input and output audio signals. In other words, sound card is a audio output device to help the CPU to produce sounds.

Sound card features:

Most of the motherboards of computer have integrated sound card, but to get higher quality sound one may upgrade to a separate sound card. The main function of a sound card is to translate between digital and analog signal/information. Just like a video card. Sound Cards typically have four major components.

  1. The digital to analog converter (DAC): It converts digital data to analog sound.
  2. The analog to digital converter (ADC): It makes digital recordings from analog sound inputs.
  3. Interface: An interface to connect to the motherboard, typically using Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI).
  4. Input and Output connectors: To connect all input and output peripheral devices.