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Applications of Embedded systems

Embedded systems are used in many applications like automobiles, telecommunications, smart cards, satellites, computer networking, digital consumer electronics etc.

In automobiles and telecommunications:

  1. Motor and cruise control system.
  2. Body or Engine safety.
  3. Entertainment and multimedia in car.
  4. E-com and Mobile access.
  5. Robotics in assembly line.
  6. Wireless communication.
  7. Mobile computing and networking.

In Peripherals and Computer Networking:

  1. Displays and Monitors.
  2. Networking systems
  3. Image Processing.
  4. Network cards and printers.

Embedded systems in consumer electronics:

  1. Digital Cameras.
  2. Set top Boxes.
  3. High definition TVs.
  4. DVDs

In Smart cards, missiles and Satellites:

  1. Security systems.
  2. Telephone and Banking.
  3. Defense and aerospace.
  4. Communication.