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Subject matters of Macro Economics/Importance of Macro economics

1. Macro economics helps to know different types of macro variables such as aggregate production and investment, aggregate demand etc. which are very much important for the business students to run the business successfully.

2. Macro economics discusses different types of policy measures such as monetary policy, fiscal etc. to solve the major economic problems such as poverty, unemployment, unequal distribution of income and wealth etc.

3. It analyses the different phases of business cycle such as inflation, deflation etc. Without the knowledge of macro economics to run the business / industry is impossible.

4. Foe the sake of success in business sector, it helps to take the decision of investment so that it would be profitable.

5. Macro economics explains the functioning of economy as a whole.

6. It explains the determination of relative prices of goods and services which is important for profitability of business.

7. Lastly, it helps to formulate the economy of business policy for advancement and maximum welfare of the mass people.