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Economics Questions

It is said that, “total utility of a commodity is maximum when its marginal utility is zero” explain the statement with the help of a diagram.

Define price elasticity of demand. How can you calculate the price elasticity of demand in a specific point of a straight line demand curve?

Explain producer’s equilibrium with equal product curves in case of the largest output at a given total cost.

Explain, with the help of graphs, how a firm reaches an equilibrium position in case of perfect competition.

What is meant by ‘division of labor’? Briefly discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

Write short notes on
i) Total utility and marginal utility
ii) Indifference map

Explain the three stages of production with suitable graph. Which stage is rational and why.

What are the conditions of profit maximization of a firm? Explain the equilibrium of  a firm with the help of total revenue curves.

What are the characteristics of an indifference curve? Explain, with the help of indifference curve, how a consumer reaches an equilibrium position.

Define monopoly. Explain how price is determined under monopoly.

Define National Income. What are the various methods of estimating national income? Explain.

Write short notes on
i) Extension of demand and contraction of demand
ii) Income elasticity of demand


What do you meant by Elasticity of Demand?

Discuss about the charaterristics of the indffernce curve.

Wha is production function?

Graphiclaly explain the three stages of production function. Which stages is rational and why?

What is Market? Write down the classification of Market.

Destinguish between the perfect competition situation.

What is capital? Discuss about the staps which should be followed by the developing countries like BD.

What is Marginal Utility?

Explain the basic  assumptions  of the marginal Utiltiy analysis?

What AC curve is ‘U’ shapaed?

Discuss producer’s equilibrium with the help of MC and MR curves.

Describe perfect competition is short term incurring losses but not shut down.

What are the factor’s which have influenced the efficiency of division of labor?

Write short notes on:



State the law of demand and supply.

Define Economics. Discuss the differences between micro and macro economics.

Define marginal and opportunity cost.

Discuss the basic assumption of Marshllian utility analysis.

Explain the relationship between average revenue (AR) and marginal revenue.

Graphically discuss equilibrium of a firm with the help of total cost curve (TC) and total revenue curve (TR).

Write short notes on

What is price elasticity of demand? Wha are the factors which influence in price elasticity of demand?

Prove that price elasticity of demand id equal to lower segment divided by upper segment is a straight line demand curve.

What is meant by indifference curve?

Indifference curve slops downward to the right and convex to the origin. Explain it.

What is meant by equilibrium?

Discuss the differences between monopoly completion and perfect competition.

Write short notes on

MRS and Budget line

Ways of capital formation

State and explain the law of demand.

Prove that total utility of a commodity is maximum only when its marginal utility is zero. Illustrate your answer with the help of a diagram.

State and explain a budget line.

Explain with the help of indifference curves how a consumer allocates his income in order to attain equilibrium.

Define marginal propensity to consume (MPC). What is the relationship between MPC and multiplier?

Presume that in two sector economy, the income is Tk. 1000 million while the MPC is 0.40. Suppose the government wants to increase the income to Tk. 1600 million, by an amount of Tk. 600 million. By how much should the autonomous investment be increased?

Define inflation.

Explain demand-pull and cost-push inflation with suitable graph.

What is an indifference map?

Explain why a consumer’s indifference curves (i) have negative slopes (ii) do not intersect each other.

Define price elasticity of demand. What are the factors that affect elasticity jof demand?

Graphically show the five degrees of price elasticity of supply.

What are assumptions of cardinal utility analysis?

Explain the law of equi-marginal utility with suitable diagram.

What is national income?

Explain the value added method of computing national income with an example.