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Sociology Questions

What is Science? How did science contribute to develop Sociology ans a separate discipline?

Discuss the impacts of coal based power plant on physical environment with reference to Santal locality in Bangladesh.

What is cyber crime? Illustrate its causes and effects on your own society.

Define E-banking. Discuss the merits of E-banking.

What do you mean by social stratification? How do physical traits create stratification in your own society? Cite example.

Define social  mobility. Technology is one of the important factors to create mobilization in your own society-explain it.

What do you mean by industrialization? Illustrate the distinctive characteristics of industrialization.

Discuss the distinctive features of industrial and post industrial society with suitable example.

Briefly discuss the nature of sociology with suitable example.

What do you mean by globalization? Illustrate the factors behind the spread of globalization with suitable example.

How technological innovations are contributing the areas of cultural change in third countries?

Write down short notes on the following topics:

Culture and its types,
Industrial and post-industrial society.

Briefly discuss the distinctive features of industrialization in respectis to 21th century Bangladesh.

Why social control is important to maintain the peace and harmony of the society?

What is civilization? How is culture different from civilization? Exemplify from your own society.

Write down short notes on the following topics.

Social mobility and its types.
Society  and Community.

“Sociology is the comprehensive science of the society’ Discuss.

Write down importance of styding sociology for CSE professionals.

Pen down the ICT infrastructure scenario of Bangladesh.

Discuss how ICT can help for the development of Bangladesh.

What do you know about objectively.

IIs sociology a science with all its characteristics.

Define cyberspace.

Do you think that the consequence of social networking will establish a new form of community?

“Culture is unique to man” Elucidate.

Discuss why culture is considered as learnt shared and cummmulative.

Sketch the ICT profile of Bangladesh.

Differentiate education and digital education?

Critically evaluate the concept of digital Bangladesh.

Define e-government.

Discuss the benefits of e-government.

Why do you know about telecaster?

How ICT can help to develop human rights and social justice?