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Name of the elements of a computer system

The name of the elements of a computer system are-

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Humanware
  4. Operational Procedure.


Hardwares are the physical components of a computer system. These include keyboard, mouse, monitor, sound box, optical scanner, printer etc.


Softwares are some programs consisting of some sequence of instructions. Softwares must have access to the stored programs and the input devices to calculate/manipulate data. Softwares are in two categories. These are-

  1. System software and
  2. Application software.

System software:

System softwares are consist of those programs which help to operate the computer. These programs organize and maintain data/files translating programs which are written in programming languages into computer acceptable program code.

Example of system software: All Operatings systems like as Windows OS, MAC OS, Linux etc, antivirus programs etc.

Application Software:

Application softwares are consist of those programs to perform user applications.

Example of application software: MS Office, Internet Browser etc.


Humanware means to design, program and operate a computer by human. Humanware categories:

  1. system analyst
  2. programmer
  3. computer operator

System analyst:

The main task of system analyst is to study information systems and their processing requirements.


The main task of a programmer is to code or prepare programs based on the specifications made by the system analyst.

Computer operator:

Computer operator performs a series of well defined tasks to operate the computer system at maximum efficiency.

Operational Procedure:

  1. Obtaining data
  2. Preparing data
  3. Entering data.