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Why should a CSE student study about operating systems?

Operating System (OS) is a key part of a computer system. It makes our lives better for good uses and worsens for bad uses. It is the magic and power which we want to understand and want to have the power. Operating System is a complex, huge and expensive to build OS system. More than eight years needed to build Windows OS with thousands of engineers. To understand the abstraction levels of an OS studying OS is urgent.


It’s really a magic to provide infinite CPUs, devices, memories, and networked computer by an OS. To understand the tradeoff between performances, functionalities and division of labor between hardware and software by combining  languages, hardware, data structures, algorithms and other necessities.


As Operating System is the key components of many systems, it is very necessary to understand the related systems that work with the Operating Systems. To learn concurrency, resource management, performance analysis, interfaces with complexity and computer system design of a computer system Operating System should be learnt.  So, a CSE student should study Operating Systems (OS).