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MOSFET – importance and Types

MOSFET – importance and Types

A metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) is a active device i,e; it can control the flow of electron and in which there is a twin layer of SiO2 between the gate and the channel.

MOSFET Importance in VLSI

  1. For NMOS technology the design methodology and design rules are easily learned.
  2. Provides an excellent backgrounds for other technologies.
  3. For GaAs technology, some arrangements in relation to logic design are similar to those employed in NMOS technology.

Types of MOSFET

The MOSFET are classified into two categories.

  1. Depletion mode MOSFET
  2. Enhancement mode MOSFET . Both the two types are further classified into two categories – 1. P channel MOSFET and N channel MOSFET.