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Digital Logic Design Questions

Define digital system. Write some advantage and limitation of using digital system.

What a gray code? Convert the (10110111011)2  code to gray code?

Represent the decimal number 8043 in i) BCD  iii) excess-3 code, iii) Hexadecimal number and iv) binary number.

What  is Error detection code? Detect and correct any errors in the following seven-bit even parity hamming code.
i) 1010011       ii) 0101110

What is binary parallel adder? Design a Binary to Ecess-3 code converter using a 4 bit binary parallel adder.

Mention the term ‘decoder’. Design a BCD to decimal decoder.

Define don’t care condition. How many invalid input combinations occur in the questions (4.b)?

Modify the BCD to decimal decoder in the questions (4.b) to give an output of all 0’s when any invalid input combination occurs.