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Data Structure and Algorithm Questions

An algorithm has two parts; what are they?

Convert the following infix expression to postfix using stack (show the steps)).

Write the values of FRONT and REAR for the following conditions.
When the queue is empty
When the queue has only one element
An item is inserted into the queue
An attempt to delete an item from an empty queue.

Draw a linked list with three elements a,b, and c. Insert an item x in between a and b. Delete the last item from the linked list.

Write true/false.
Sorting and searching are the two special data structrure operations.
The special list that contains the unused memor cells for linked lists is called garbage collection.
Towers of Hanoi is an example of divide and conquer method.
Whenever an element is added into a queue, the value of FRONT is increased by one.

Fill in the blanks:

The other names for  stack are…………, ……………, and………………. .
An algorithm solves……………………………
The data items in a record are indexed by……………………………
When a queue has only one element, the values of FRONT and REAR are……………….

Define data and information.

Write an advantage of

one dimensional array over linked list and.
Linear search over binary search.

An algorithm consists of two parts. What are they?

Write two benefits of polish notation.

Define data, information and data structure. The choice of a particular data model depends on two considerations; what are they?

What is linear data structure? Write the names of three linear data structure with two applications for each.

One dimensional array is the simplest data structure; explain why?

Write an algorithm for array insertion operation.

Compare one dimensional array and linked list.

Perform the following operations on a linked list.
(i) Draw a linked list with three elements a, b and c.
(ii) Insert an element m between a and b.
(iii) insert and element before a.
(iv) delete the last element.

Define the term ‘overflow’ for data structure. Is it possible to happen overflow in linked lists; how?

How does the free storage list maintain the unused memory spaces for linked lists? What is garbage collection?

Define the terms: LIFO, FIFO, TOP, FRONT & REAR.

Write benefits of polish notation, Convert the following infix notation to prefix notation. A+B* (C/D)-E

Solve the following postfix expression P using a stack (show the steps). P: 7 8 4+ * 14 7/-

Define data structure. Write the name of basic operations performed in data structure. An algorithm runs a given input size n. When n is 4096 the run time is 512 milliseconds. Also when n is 16384, the run time is 2048 milliseconds. What is the complexity? What is the big-notation?

Calculate the value of complexity for linear search algorithm in worst case and average case.

What are the limitations of the Binary search algorithm.

Define linked list with schematic diagram.

Mention the advantages and disadvantages of linked list over linear array.

How can we handle overflow and underflow in linked list?

What do you mean by sorting and searching?