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Grameen Bank Scholarship Circular and Result

Grameen Bank Scholarship Circular and Result

Grameen Bank Scholarship Circular and Result 2019

Grameen Bank’s ‘Education’ and ‘Higher Education Credit’ scholarship program.

Details about Grameen Bank Scholarship

In addition to the education and education of the children of Grameen Bank’s children, Asian University for Women, Chittagong, and Khazanah Asia Scholarship Program, abroad, abroad, children of different universities get scholarships.

For the welfare of the poor people, Grameen Bank introduced non-collateral microcredit and social development programs in 1976. As the program progressed successfully, banks gradually took more welfare initiatives Among them, sons and daughters of the respected members of Grameen Bank; This means that in order to develop their second fertility in 1997, ‘Higher Education Loan Program’ was started with the nominal service charge (0% during the period of education and 5% after completion of education, which is payable in installments with a loan after one year of completion). Besides, ‘Scholarship’ was introduced in 1999 to promote the good results of the children of the borrowing members and to improve talent.

Under the ‘Higher Education Loan’ program, up to December’17, 53 thousand 882 students have been given loan of Tk 374.7 billion. Among them, 40 thousand 937 students and 12 thousand 945 students With this loan, they are earning on MBBS, Engineer and Agriculture graduate / post-graduate and BBA / MBA degrees. Out of them 10 thousand students are working in important positions in government and non-government organizations at home and abroad Note that many of the employees have been affiliated with various mphil / PhD degrees.

Under the ‘Scholarship’ program of Grameen Bank, Tk. 47.85 crores have been sanctioned to 2,861,128 meritorious children of honorable borrowers of the Bank till December 17th. Among them, 1,05,557 students and 1,55,549 students are students This scholarship is given every year in the cultural, including primary, lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary stage. It is to be noted that among the beneficiaries of the five categories, at the field level, 5 best scholarships are awarded in each category at the head office level, ie, they are the top 5 meritorious scholars of Sara Grameen Bank. 50% reserved for the students in the program, and 50% of the students are given education based on merit.

On the other hand, the work of ‘Worker Welfare Fund’ based on a monthly subscription provided to the employees of Grameen Bank and various welfare activities of their families is done. In the meantime, one-time scholarships were given on the basis of results on the basis of primary, lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary level for encouraging the education of children’s talents. This scholarship is given every year at the level level of the Grameen Bank and at the head office level. In continuation of this, Grameen Bank’s Managing Director (Acting) Ratan Kumar Nag distributed scholarships and certificates among 51 meritorious students of the working colleagues at the head office of Grameen Bank on the basis of results of 21 January, 2017, on Monday, 2016-17. From the beginning to December 17, 10 thousand 596 children of colleagues have been given education upwards of 4 crore rupees.