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#   Those cars __ an accident.

A. just has

B. have just had

C. had just have

D. just having

#   Choose the right sentence.

A. She and her sister fights everyday

B. Everyday she and her sister fights

C. She fights with her sister everyday

D. Both sisters fight each other everyday

#   I am trying to calculate __ .

A. how many money you owe me

B. you owe me how much money

C. you owe me how many money

D. you owe me how many money

#   He learned to read and write quite __ in his life.

A. lately

B. late

C. latest

D. latest

#   Their house is as big __ that one.

A. than

B. one

C. as

D. more

#   This plant is __ big that it should really be moved outside.

A. so

B. too

C. such

D. very

#   The traffic lights __ green and I pulled away.

A. gone

B. got

C. moved

D. moved

#   The President said that the __ situation was very serious.

A. economical

B. economic

C. economy

D. economies

#   He hopes to provide __ service.

A. uninterrupted

B. uninterrupt

C. uninterrupting

D. un-interrupted

#   At least one of the students __ full marks every time.

A. get

B. are getting

C. gets

D. have got

#   Jamal and I __ to school.

A. walking

B. walks

C. walk

D. are walk

#   Slow and steady __ the race.

A. win

B. has won

C. wins

D. won

#   Education __ our mind.

A. shrink

B. embolden

C. enlighten

D. ennobles

#   The Arabian Nights __ still a great favorite.

A. has

B. are

C. is

D. were

#   A basket of apples __ been sold.

A. has

B. have

C. having

D. have not

#   One must follow __ conscience.

A. individual

B. ones

C. right

D. personal

#   Manzur with __ I work, helped me.

A. that

B. which

C. who

D. whom

#   Tell me __ what.

A. whom told you

B. that told you

C. who told you

D. told you

#   This is the person __ come last week.

A. who

B. whom

C. what

D. that

#   Charlie Chaplin was a comedian __ was best known for his work in silent movies.

A. who

B. which

C. whose

D. what

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