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Compiler Questions

What is compiler? Why is it said that Java is machine independent?

What advantages are there to a language processing system in which the compiler produces assembly language rather than machine language?

Write regular definition NFA, DFA for following elements of C language.

  1. Identifiers
  2. Integer number

Why Preprocessor and linked/loader are used for language processing system?

Conscurt unambiguous context free grammars for each  of the following language.

  1. i) Arithmetic expression inn postfix notation.
    ii) Arithmetic expressions of integers and identifiers with the four binary operations . +,-,*,/
    iii) LIsts of idenfifiers separated by commas

Write the grammar and syntax directed difinitions for a simple desk calculator and show annotated parse tree for the expression (3+4)*(5-6) .

What is a compiler, what does it do?

Define meta-language? Explain the use of T-diagram to explain a compiler.

Explain the following terms in short: Preprocessor. Assembler, Linker and Loader.

Write the names of different phases of a compiler.

Explain the use of semantic rules in compiler construction with example.

Write the difference (s) between bottom-up and top-down parser.

“A predictive parser is a recessive descent parser that does not require backtracking”. Explain the statement with proper example.

When is a grammar said to be left recursive? Explain with example.

Describe the role of the input buffering process during lexical analasys.

Explain the basic working principle of panic mode error recovery and mention its benefits.

Why climination of left recursion from a grammar is important? Explain the process with example.

Write syntax directed definition (SDD) for the CFG given in question 2 (b). Assume the symbols ‘+’ and ‘*’ for addition and subtraction respectively.

How quadruples and triples can be used to generate tree address code? Explain the procedure with proper example.

Translate the arithmetic expression a+b-(+c) into quadruples and triples.

What is target code? When do compilers target code?

What is flow graph? State its significance in code generation.

Mention the key benefits of code optimization by a compiler.

How do compilers usually perform “Defect code Eliment icon” Describe with  proper example.

Why is Compiler Construction an important course for CSE students?

Suppose a source program contains following assignment statement:
Explain different phases of compiler to translate the given statement into target code.

What is static checking during compilation? Provide explanation with example.

Provide short description of each error recovery strategy during systax analysis.

Give explanation of following terms used in compiler design.

When a grammar is said to be left recursive? Explain the issues with a left recursive grammar.

Explain the procuedure for eliminating of left recursion from a grammar with example.

Define parse tree. Describe its importance with explanation.

What if FIRST and FOLLOW of a grammar? Why it is important?

Write the rules computing FIRST (s) for all grammar symbols.