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Characteristics of a Microprocessor

Characteristics of a microprocessor:

  1. It assimilates the functions of a CPU on to a single IC.
  2. It can perform some basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and some logical operations using its Arithmetic and Logical Unit (ALU).
  3. Move data from one location to another.
  4. It has a program counter that can store the addresses of next instruction.
  5. Computational capacity is very high.
  6. Perform the instruction cycle like as fetch, decode and execute repeatedly.
  7. To design a system with microprocessor, it needs to connect with RAM, ROM, I/O devices etc.
  8. Building cost is high.
  9. Power consumption and dissipation is high.
  10. The clock frequency is very high.
  11. Instruction throughput is given higher priority than interrupt latency.
  12. Have few bit manipulation instructions.
  13. Microprocessors is not used in real time systems.