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Artificial Intelligence Questions

Define Artificial Intelligence (AI). Discuses some practical application of AI and hence mention the reasons of studying AI in Computer Science and Engineering.

What are the major methodology-oriented and application-oriented research areas of AI? Enlist two distinct intelligent software names developed by knowledge-based data-driven approaches.

Describe the intelligent learning agents. Explain in future of AI considering the statement “Why should all other AI agents turn into learning agent?”

Define a knowledge-based agent and an expert system. What is the relationship between knowledge-based agent and expert-system?

Illuminate the architecture of an expert system.  Enlist the role (s) of knowledge base and inference engine in an expert system.

What is an evaluation function for developing an intelligent game agent? Draw a typical game tree for Tic -Tac-Toe

Define machine learning. Discuss biological and artificial neural network.

Describe the development stops for a typical NLP applicarror.

What is pattern recognition? Discus pattern recognition plpoleing to recognize an image pattern.

What are the ways to represent the necessary Colcord knowledge for developing either a knowledge based agent or an expert system? Among them which one is better propositional logic   (PL) or first-order logic (FOL)? Defend your answer.

Describe the development steps for a typical NPL application.

What is pattern recognition? Discuss pattern recognition pipeline to pipeline to recognize an  image pattern.

Define Artificial Intelligence (AI). Can computers plan and make optimal decisions? Explain.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important in Computer Science and Engineering? Justify your answer with some practical applications of AI.

Discuss the approaches to develop an intelligent system?

Can you explain the future of AI? Discuss Agent with examples. What are the characteristics of Rational Agent?

Describe the parameters for well-defined problems and solution through searching for AI system?

What do you mean by state-space? What is the role of state-space in building goal-based intelligent agent?

Formulate the state-space problem for 8-puzzle.

Define Universal Elimination. Existential Introduction and Existential Elimination with example.

Define expert systems. What are the roles of knowledge-base and inference engine in an expert system?

What are the methods to represent knowledge for an expert system? Explain any of them with examples.

Mentions the types of expert system. Explain a rule based expert system.

Define machine learning. Write some machine learning tasks.

Describe biological and artificial neural network. What is the role of activation function and weights in ANN?

Explain a single-layer and a multi-layer perceptron.

Discuss pattern recognition with some applications. Briefly discuss pattern recognition pipeline.

Is it possible to create a machine that can solve all the problems that may be solved by human using their intelligence? Describe with necessary explanation.

Can a machine have a mind, consciousness and mental states? Justify your answer.

Give the standard definition for a robot. Describe the essential characteristics of Robot.

What are the main considerations to take  decision about the appropriate construction method for Robot design?

What are basic difference between data, knowledge, and information?

What is the importance of knowledge base in developing an AI system? Describe each components of knowledge based system with necessary diagram.

What are different levels of knowledge representation? Describe in detail.

What is associative network? Why it is needed? Draw and explain the associative network of “HSTU 1st Year Admission Process”.

What is conceptual graph? Describe the representation process of conceptual graph with necessary diagram.

What are the main features of knowledge system building tools?

What is reasoning? Describe the inconsistencies during implementation of reasoning process to create a knowledge based system.

Describe the method of implementing Probabilistic Reasoning. Write a real life example where it can be used.

Write a short note on “Knowledge Organization and Management”.

What are Expert system? Describe the Building Blocks ofo Expert Systems?

What is Knowledge Engineering? how it may be used in designing Expert systems?

Describe the real life applications of Expert systems with appropriate example.

What is natural language processing? Descirbe its importance.

Give the describption of each level used in Natural Language Understanding.

What is LIFER System.

What is knowledge acquisition? Describe its difficulties.

Describe general learning model of knowledge acquisition with diagram.

What are the main criteria to evaluate the performance of knowledge accusation system? Describe each criterion in detail.

Define the indicators of a Rational Intelligent agent.

Define the general Model of a Learning Agent.

Briefly Explain the structure of any three artificial intelligent agents.

Distiinguish between informed and uuninformed search.

Explain the components of a ‘well defined problem and solutions’.

With an example explain the A* search with minimizing the total extimated solution cost.

Define the basic Model of artificial Neuron.

Explain different types of activation functions.

Design and implement the logical AND operation using Single Layer Perception.

Define Conditional Probability and Bayes’ probability theorem.

Define Normal Distribution and derive it mean & variance.

Explain the Maximum Liikelihood parameter learning for Discrete variables.

Explain the  Model of first-Order logic.

Define Universal &  Exixtential quantification.

How to define assertion and queries in First-Order Logic.

Define the data types in Prolog.

Define the basic control structures in Prolog.

Write the basic structure of a Multi-Layer Perceptrom.

Explain the Error Back Propagation learning Algorithm for Artificial Neural networks (ANN).

Define the effect of learning rate parameter in Error back-Propagation learning.

Design tha ANN structure to perform as XOR logic.

Define Evolutionary programming. Explain the basic block diagram of genetic Algor5ithm.

Explain the basic operations of Genetic Algorithm.

Explain the encoding process of transcendental equation for numerical solution.

Briefly explain the  basic blocks of a pattern recognition system.

Briefly explain support vector machine.

Briefly explain the Bayesian Network with an example.

Define K-NN classifier.

What is AI? Describe some Branches of AI.

Briefly describe the Turing Test. Is passing a Turing Test a true measure of artificial intelligence?

Define in your own words the following terms. IIntelligent agent, agent function rationality autonomy, model-based agent, goal-based agent.

How is an Agent different from other software?

Describe the Problem formulation and defining procedure used in AI.

How heuristics can be used to solve a problem? Describe the difference (s) of problem solving strategy using traditional algorithm vs. heuristics with a real life example.

Describe merit (s) of bidirectional searching method.

Define Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mention three (3) AI system used in your everyday  life.

Can computer beat human at Chess? Deliberate your answer.

Argue why other AI agents should turn into learning agent.

Precusekt discuss the approaches to develop an intelligent system. Enlist two distined intelligent agent names developed by each of the approaches.

Represent the following premises of weather prediction problem using propositional logic.

What are the constraints to evaluate the state-space search strategies in favor  of AI? What should is the role of state-space in building goal-based intelligent agent?

Technically distinguish between an expert system and a knowledge based agent.

Mention the role (s) of inference engine in a knowledge based agent. Differentiate between propositional logic and first order predicate logic in case of representing real world knowledge.

Suppose that you want to develop a ROBOT agent to drive a car in the 2-lane highways of Bangladesh. To dfo this, mention thr PEAS for the agent and write the algorithm for Greedy-best first search.

Formulate the state-space model for the traditional Cryptarithmetic Puzzles and Missionarics and Cannibals problems. Given two sentences in propositional logic, write the additional sentence that can be formed using the syntax of the logic representation language.